President’s Blog: 2/24/009 – Upcoming Annual BxPkSpeakUp! & Harlem River Water Conference.

February 24th, 2009 Posted in President's Blog

One advantage of having CableVision is being able to watch BxTalkPrimeTime live on Monday nites 9PM, and re-aired on almost any night of the week, Channel 67. In advance of SpeakUpXV, the BCPGS Planning Committee asked Karen & Joyce to appear as Parks Advocates. I was disappointed to hear that Gary Axelbank, who was last year’s MC, would not be able to join us this year )-: BxTalk is only half an hour, so only a few topics were covered, e.g. Filtration Plant Follies, Yankee Stadium Scandal, SpeakUp Agenda, and Water Conference. Gary asked if Parks Dep’t officials in attendance ever actually listened to the voices raised at the event? Karen sadly answered that although they listened, they rarely acted upon our demands. What does often occur as a result of the Bronx Environmental Community networking is formulation of citizen action plans, e.g. BRA. At our March 18th Water Conference, BCEQ planners are hoping a similar spin-off will occur, with the formation of a long overdue Harlem River Alliance.
Did anyone catch The Academy Awards on WABCTV? What a production! The adverts were better than the SuperBowl, especially TrueNorthNuts. Following the Oscar airings, TrueNorth will roll out national television, print and online advertising that features three inspiring stories. They include Teddy Gross, Gary Greff, and Majora Carter, who is bringing Nature and a Green-Mindset to the South Bronx. Hey, look for TNN at your fav’bodega.
Stop by the BCEQ Display Table @ SpeakUp and maybe U’ll get a free slice of home-made birthday cake. In lieu of flowers, please join or donate to BCEQ. Join Us Now!

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