NYS BIGGER BETTER BOTTLE BILL – At Long Last & Not All We Wanted

March 30th, 2009 Posted in President's Blog

Here are some recent e-mail excahngeds sent to BCEQ Supporters:
Getting his bill onto the Agenda was apparently more difficult than ecoists thought. Who’d ever’ve thought that Bronx Bodégas have such political clout in the Senate? This compromise bill affects only water, which means my bottles of iced teas and fruit drinks still go into the landfill. In Resonse to Suggestion for higher deposit: How much does NJ charge for deposit? I think we need a Regional Recycling Movement, i.e. NY, NJ, PA, MA, VT all institute the same values. When I was an enterprising Bronx kid collecting bottles in my Radio Flyer, I’d pay 1¢ for 12oz, and 3¢ for 32oz soda bottles. Then I’d take them into the corner grocery for 2¢ and 5¢ deposits, respectively. However, for most folks, 25¢ is too much, because then they’d really have to bring the bottles back.
In Response to Fears that BBB will Fail-
C’mon, have a little more faith in our electeds. I did already call MS’ office previous to the well-publicized budget agreement press release. All the news reports include mention of the BBBB, and how the raid-depleted NYS EDF will get 80%. WNYC aired comments by Laura Haight this AM, so I am confident that it’s a done deal. After all the years of frustratingly fruitless lobbying by ecoists, I’d be ready to take to the streets if I can’t get 5c back on my Evian.

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