Ed Committee Meeting Minutes

October 12th, 2009 Posted in Committees, Education

May 2009 Minutes: BCEQ Ed Mtg Minutes_5.26.09

July 2009 Minutes: BCEQ EdCommMtgMins 7-23-09_draft

Nov 2009 Minutes:  BCEQ_EdCommMtgMins_11-4-09

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  1. 4 Responses to “Ed Committee Meeting Minutes”

  2. By ***mricle*** on Mar 30, 2010

    The July Minutes came up just fine. You have a dedicated core group, i.e. willing to meet during summer vacation!
    I am curious about (1) exactly where NosQuedamos is Working on using lime to restore the coral reefs(2)Concern about green roof being accessible to people. Is that $20,000 a year for insurance? Can’t schools simply have “self-coverage”? I don’t recall any special concerns about use of the roof greenhouse at Bronx Science? ***mricle***

  3. By ***mricle*** on Mar 30, 2010

    When I click on “Nov 2009 Minutes BCEQ_EdCommMtgMins_11-4-09” I get an error message. ***mricle***

  4. By ***mricle*** on Mar 30, 2010

    It took a bit of scientific trial-and-error clicking, but I managed to come up with the May 26, 2009 Minutes. I esp liked the ideas that (1) BCEQ Edu.Comm can be a resource for teachers,students,parents and environmental groups for information about EE and career programs (2) committee create lesson plans on Bronx environmental orgs. I would include school ecology clubs such as LEAP among them. ***mricle***

  5. By ***mricle*** on Apr 5, 2010

    HOORAY! I must be getting increasingly tech-savvy with oldage. I clicked on the November Education.comm minutes, and up they came. Thanks, AMR and KABx. ***mricle***

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