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Thanks for visiting my BCEQ President’s Blogsite. Happily, so much of the news these days focuses on Environmental Issues. Unhappily, it’s usually news that reflects how inattentive we’ve all been to the damage our species continues to inflict upon our seemingly resilient Earth. Especially here in The Bronx.

I just received the latest issues of two wonderful new hyperlocal newspapers, “Hunts Point Express” & “MottHaven Herald”. These are published under the guidance of Prof.Bernard Stein (Riverdale Press emeritus) and his Hunter College Graduate Journalism Students. Almost every article has an environmental issue at its core. BCEQ Board Member, Harry J. Bubbins, is director of Friends of Brook Park (click) http://www.motthavenherald.com/2009/10/20/mott-haven-gardens-reap-a-bountiful-harvest-2. BCEQ Education Committee Co-ViceChair, Steve Ritz’s efforts are also featured (click) http://www.huntspointexpress.com Even Majora Carter’s husband, James Chase, reads and comments on the comments.

The NRDC, which has championed environmental causes since the early 1970s, has turned its attention to the climate change dilemma. Bronx resident and president of the 1.3 million member Natural Resources Defense Council, has co-authored “Clean Energy Common Sense: An American Call to Action on Global Climate Change“. Frances Beinecke hopes the power of the pen will help curb global energy waste, save endangered habitats and cut down America’s dependence on foreign oil. Ms. Bienecke discussed her book and the role citizens must play in curbing energy waste in an exclusive interview with Maria Clark of “The Riverdale Press”. Maria describes Beinecke’s book as a call to arms on climate change. (click) http://www.riverdalepress.com/full.php?sid=10919&current_edition=2009-12-24

BCEQ has been considering fund-raising by selling selected ecology-related items at http://www.bceq.org/shop

While Nanci and I were at a recent trade show, I met and chatted extensively with Grace King & Jane Spiteri. These women started a cutting edge eco-friendly company called Solarrific, featuring products powered by solar energy. They are almost local (Whitestone) and deserve to succeed. My suggestion is to have BCEQ “affiliate” to sell their products online. (click) http://www.solarrific.com

There’s yet another Letter to Editor on the need to find landspace in The Bronx for an Ice Skating site. Mother Nature made water freeze for a reason! Only nudging. Isn’t there an outdoor public kiddie-pool somewhere in The Bronx that could be flooded? As a kid I used a pool in the Park named after Bronx Parks Advocate, John Mullaly. We kids got to meet our neighbors. And I remember Van Cortlandt Lake was used as a skating pond, before becoming so polluted that it can’t freeze over. Because additional salts lower the freezing point of water, icebergs are freshwater floating on unfreezable saltwater.

New Yorkers received an early New Year’s present from the Environmental  Protection Agency. The federal agency’s concerns about the impact on water supply and air quality gave support to opponents of hydraulic drilling. EPA told New York State in late December that it had major concerns about how proposed hydraulic drilling for natural gas would affect public health and the environment, and urged it to undertake a broader study of the potential impact. Altho it’s tempting in these times to sell what our generation has inherited, i.e. clean water and energy reserves, I sent a letter to Gov. Paterson asking his administration to please hold off on statewide hydrofracturing until such time as we have full confidence in its zero impact on watersheds. “Many of your constituents fear a polluted NYS with no resources left of green value. The easy money from this kind of resource development are best left sagely for future generations to inherit.”

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  2. By Harry on Jan 5, 2010

    Uhm, NRDC is now a coporate entity that is now working against the best interests of the environment… they supported the climate bill, the disastrous potentiality of carbon trading, haven’t come our for a state-wide ban on frack drilling, and invest MILLIONS with Bank of America, the largest funder of mountain top removal etc etc… even climate scientist James Hansen was compelled to engage in a demonstration against them… please remove any language touting them it is now outdated…in solidarity with EJ activists nationwide it behooves BCEQ to distance itself from this greenwashing, please.

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