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February 14th, 2010 Posted in President's Blog

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(1)Sunday before President’s Day. I couldn’t get my car out of a snowbank. Fortunately, Glenn Fleischmann (who garages his) picked up Diane Sargent and me to attend an Environmental Talk this morning at Riverdale/Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture. Ass’t Prof. Alex Wolf PhD of Bronx Community College Biol.Dep’t was guest lecturer. His title was, “Global Warming: Some Political Dimensions”. After a brief review of basic biological concepts on an environmental scale, he segued nicely into his take on Politics of The Issue. While some still deny any problem being caused by human activities, Dr.Wolf didn’t deal with the need to present statistics to prove validity. His theme focused on the Marxist premise that whatever resources Earth provides will be exploited to generate profit for capitalists. I especially liked this example, e.g. the Farmer whose Factory Farm is filled with overcrowded, antibiotic-injected, beak-clipped, abused chickens, is the same one who hires laborers at unlivable wages to work the assembly line on the way to the finished product. He describes workers hunched over, wearing no gloves or protection from the airborne filth, hand-grabbing each chicken and disposing of it (guess how?). Chicken after chicken, hour after hour… Racism and class became part of his story. Diane said afterward that we middle-classers are naive to think Mr.Bloomberg would share his Mansion on the Hill with us to avoid calamity. I like the idea of a meeting that includes a little music, singing, and spirituality. I thought the talk was pretty well-attended, considering the state of the streets for ungaraged plebeians.
All 50 states have snow on the ground. Which proves my deepest suspicion that it’s a Gore&Co.Conspiracy. Karen tends to think that it’s not Warming but Climate Change that is happening. As Dr.Paul often says, “everything is connected”. Vancouver and Arctic will certainly be warmer; many places will experience an interesting variety of weather disturbances as Gaia readjusts her ocean currents in response to the atmospheric changes. Why worry now?
(2) Friday before President’s Day. It’s 11:30AM. I’m listening online streaming to WNYC Radio Brian Lehrer Show. Steve Ritz will be interviewed soon to “discuss the ground breaking opportunity offered by Discovery HS through Green Living Technologies”.
SUMMARY: Steve Ritz is an amazing motivational speaker. He does his research, and must prepare an extensive Lesson Plan. How lucky are those students who have him as teacher. On air, he gave credit where due and necessary, i.e. NYC Dep’t.edu, Mayor Mike, Prof.Bernard Stein, The Point, his school administrators, his corporate supporters… The Brian Lehrer Show takes callers. Steve handled a slightly out of field question with a greenjobs generalization, i.e. the need for multiple skills, e.g. marketing and sales. He rivals Majora Carter in potential for improving The (S) Bronx. How do I nominate Steve for a MacArthur Genius Award? ***icle***

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