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I attended Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s State of The City Address at Morris HS. Having failed at securing car-pooling, I was lucky to find a pkg spot so close to the school. There were police officers everywhere for blocks around. I went to represent BCEQ as Joyce Hogi’s guest. The little auditorium was full.
(u>There was entertainment: A belty chorus from PS12, and a flashy group of Irish Dancers. Bronx flavored music provided …by students from one of Morris’ four mini-schools. A young SS teacher, who was a recent MHS graduate spoke eloquently about how his life experiences made his job all the more relevant. BP Diaz, Jr. welcomed the mayor, who arrived (videographically) in a hailed black street limo. Ed Koch was in the video, and in the audience. See the whole show on TVNYC. Mayor Mike spoke of Gouverneur Morris, a signer of the Dec of Independence, who is honored by BCEQ’s Teacher Env.Education Annual Award. He mentioned a few famous graduates, including Ms.Marshall, a City Councilperson from Queens, who was in the audience. He should also have mentioned Morris Alumnus Hector Aponte, who was my best biology student ever! (-: during the nine yrs I taught there. Mayor Mike mentioned saving waterfronts, but not Harlem River. The presentation was well-organized. Then tonite I attended the Speak-Up Planning Meeting at Ranaqua. No refreshments or souvenirs at State of City, but PIZZA with x-tra cheeze and anchovies at the BxPkSpkUp Planning Mtg.

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