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I attended The Honorable BPDiaz’s SOTB today at HSTHS. Because there’s no school this week, I was able to park in the faculty pkg area.

Karen Argenti wore her BCEQ Button, sat with Mychael Johnson, on aisle/last row, and disappeared after God Bless The Bronx. (Hey, I stayed till the end, just ask John D who was watching; had to leave at the end, phone ran out of juice).

Both my Riverdale Reps were there. Once again I was disappointed that the State of Address mentioned lots of political attendees, but not our beloved Bronx Parks Commissioner. From what I know of Hector Aponte, he’s too modest to care. Playgrounds were mentioned.

The HSTHS Jazz Band played well, on a par with the MHS Latin Band that played at MB’s Address. The Jr.ROTColorGuard Cadets presented the flag to a standing audience. Then Pastor Wenzell Jackson belted out the Star Spangled Banner, BUT we never said the Pledge of Allegiance. Then Imam SSS from Musa Mosque gave the Invocation, reminding us that we all came from Adam & Eve. I was hoping for a YouTube Short such as MB presented. However, BPD showed some well photographed slides. The Honorable Rubin speaks well, i.e. no errs, umms, or y’knows. He likes to emphasize points with, “Getta’ Load of This…”. He mentioned Fresh Direct and Bronx Greenway, but not in the same segment. I brought a hand-made protest sign with me, but since there was no protest, I just held it up whenever the bright lights shone on the audience. I sat next to my radical fb Friends from the SBronx.

Linda Cox and I chatted briefly afterward.

Someone gave me some hope by saying a semi-reliable inside source indicated it’s not out of the question that we might get access to the Harlem Yards Waterfront? Keep it under your hat, if U get my drift? We Bronx-Eco-Activists should never be cowed by a “done deal”, if U know what I mean?

Support Bronx Eco-Environmental Vigilantists !

***mricle*** BCEQ Pres’Emeritus

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