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***At the risk of encouraging those among my readers, who have a suspicion that I am hearing voices in my head telling me what to do (that are not coming from my cerebral forebrain, let me set the record straight.
(1) I went to Dr.Kent, my local ear, nose, and throat MD. I found out I have allergies. He suggested I might have a hearing test. Sure, why not, Medicare pays the bill. The audition lady who gave me the test was lovely professional. I sat in a booth strikingly similar to a telephone booth. It was a challenge of sorts, but worth it because now I know how my inner ear and attached nerves are doing. Nanci thinks I only hear what I want to. Nope, the commercials come thru too clearly.
(2) I took a very secretive listen in on my right and left brains in conversation. It wasn’t a full blown argument, but they each discussed and defended their views. I’ve heard that, in some humans, that one side or the other takes over the brain, and makes them act insane. For me, I’d be happiest if my RB and LB would be friends. And that’s my bio-psychol. insight for today. Please send any outstanding assignments to my
(3) Next blog will include insights into this week’s BCEQ Waterfest Series with Canoemobile, and what I gained from attending BCEQ Min-Water Mini-Conference at Roberto Clemente and Bronx waterside other parks. See the BCEQ.calendar page for details.

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