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As you may know, I was a Biol.Teacher at Bronx HS of Science.
It was an enjoyable career. The admin was generally supportive, and the students wanted to learn. I devoted most of my free time to environmentally related matters, and to making my teaching more effective. I advised many colleagues and students by giving my opinion, whether asked for or not. I still ask too many Personal Questions when I meet a person I want to know better, and as usual, I offer my free advice.

Below is a note from a former student on my Animal Rm Squad:
“Dear Ira,
I am unbelievably happy to hear from you. I know this is going to sound a bit strange, but just yesterday I was remember my time at Bronx Science working in the Animal Room, and was wondering how things were going with you.
“I was hoping for the chance to thank you for everything you did to support and encourage me. I remember going through a lot of ups and downs in high school, and having some teachers who didn’t think I’d amount to much. You always encouraged me, and many times I have reflected and continued to appreciate the positive influence you had in my life.
I’m attaching my PhD dissertation in pdf format to this email. If you’ll look at page ix in the “Acknowledgements” section, you’ll find your name. I did not forget you then, either. I would love to stay in touch and learn how things are with you. All my very best, Martha”
Martha Muñoz @marmmunoz
Science, nature, baseball, dogs. These are a few of my favorite things. I am a postdoc at Duke University.
Durham, NC · http://www.marthamunoz.com

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