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BCEQ Education Committee Meeting Minutes
Friday, Jan. 27th, 2017 – Luncheon Meeting at New Nagoya on Mosholu Pkwy.

Present: Dr. Dena K. Robins, I.C. Levenberg-Engel, Mark Stern

Meeting Called to 0rder at 12:30 PM

A.) Outdoor Urban Ecology Laboratory (O.U.E.L.)
1. During the upcoming SpkUp , IC will speak with Anne Marie Garti (Jerome Parks Conservancy) to see if she can provide a copy of the original Landscape Architect’s Design for OUEL. If needed, IC will contact Gail Wittwer to obtain one.
2. Mark contacted Erik, a personal friend who works for DEP to see if he has any information about the status of the OUEL. Erik has no information.
3. Mr. Raymond Pultinas sees no conflict between The Clinton James Baldwin Garden and an OUEL. On a related matter, Dr.Dena will contact the Afro-American Association History Network (asahn.org) to obtain a copy of his works.

B.) Teachers as Environmental Activists
1. I.C. reiterated that we can have an impact on getting teachers to take students outdoors. He proposed that we have a meeting at which previous winners of awards presented by our committee meet teachers who are potential future award winners. For this we would need a wider list of schools in The Bronx, which IC will try to obtain.
2, Now is the Time to Act! We need rallies, conferences, petitions, strategic planning, luncheons, maybe protests. IC will reach out to the UFT Environmental Education Committee.

C.) Awards
It is time to start asking for nominees for the ‘2017 awards. The categories are: Teacher, Non-Formal Educator, and Student. Former award recipient, Mike Zamm, made an excellent nomination for Non-Formal Educator. Last year, we focused on Parochial Schools.
(Teacher and Student from Mt.St.Michael Academy). This year we will focus on Charter Schools. IC has sent e-mails to all contacts at Bronx Charter Schools. The deadline for nominations is March 15th, 2017.

Adjourned at 2:15 PM.
The next meeting is planned for Monday Feb. 27th. For venue check www.bceq.org/calendar
We will also share updates at 2/25 BCEQ Directors’ Meeting 12 Noon during SpkUp.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by I.C.Levenberg-Engel (Recording Secretary Evan Camp was absent).

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