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Good Evening. I am IC from Bronx Council for Environmental Quality (BCEQ) I appreciate the opportunity to speak at this important Hearing, to address the Question of whether or not to Alienate the parcel of Public Land (adjacent Pier 5) for private development, i.e. gray infrastructure with amenities.
I want to especially thank those CB4 members who are here tonight, not because they are on payroll-time, but out of a sense of civic duty.
I am here as a member of BCEQ because I care about the world we are leaving to future generations. The environment needs a long-term control plan. Too bad The Bronx has no LTCP for the Harlem River.
As former Biology Teacher at Bx.H.S.Science), I taught my students to solve problems using the Scientific Method.
Some folks seek Guidance by asking, “What would God do”? Politicians often seek guidance by asking. “What would Ronald Reagan do?” (Remember his Great City on A Hill Speech)
On a local matter such as this, I would seek guidance by asking, “What would Moses say”? Easy! He’d say,
“fill in the wetland for development and jobs”,
“dump wastes through cheap-to-build CS0’s to pollute the Harlem River”. And…whoever would have thought that building the Sheridan Xpwy would harm residents of Bronx neighborhoods?
You members of CB4 are here to decide on an issue with extensive influence on The Bronx’s future. Likely with many unintended consequences.
Should the parcel of Public Waterfront Land be alienated for private use? In somebody’s wisdom, the parcel of land was not placed under the jurisdiction Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP), but is presently under the control of the Parks Department (NYCPR), and that may be its Saving Grace. Don’t be Suckered Again!
Vote NO! on the ULURP AND EIS as presented. Thank you.

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