Research Project

Spring and Summer 2021 – Data Collection and Analysis

The Bronx Council for Environmental Quality is conducting a research project with two local colleges (Columbia University and Lehman College) and Town + Gown (NYC Department of Design and Construction).

The project goal is to gather current data to compare and review reasons why the health, wealth, education and environmental equity (air quality, waterfront access, park access) for Bronx residents is so different from the rest of the City, in order to identify and advocate for environmental justice policies for Bronx. The connection between demographic and environmental conditions needs to be documented and graphically represented in order for stakeholders and decision makers to make informed policy decisions.

Many decisions are reached by isolating measures of inequity. There is an opportunity and need to connect health indicators such as rates of asthma and diabetes with other indicators of equity, such as income, ability to carry insurance, employment opportunities, educational attainment, proximity to supermarkets with fresh food, green markets, and proximity to parkland, and waterfront access. Mapping technologies can connect these indicators and represent their interconnection.

Meet the Students

Below will be the names, photos and short biographical info of the graduate and undergraduate students.  (Later on the work will be listed under the Project PAGE.)


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