President’s Blog, September 29, 2008: Yankee Dollar Benefit Awards

September 29th, 2008 Posted in President's Blog, Yankee Stadium Redevelopment

Dear BCEQers,

These are my Condensed Impressions (in my short hand) of the Sept 18th Yankee$Dollar$ Benefit$ Award$ Pre$entation Program:

Ellen had warned my to take lots of quarters, but the meters were for max 2 hrs, and we arrived about 10:30 AM. There were zero empty spaces in the Lincoln Hosp Garage, so after 3X of hopeless searching, we opted for valet pkg. The meeting was scheduled for my lunchtime, i.e. 11AM-1PM, so I was hoping for milk & cookies. Nope, nada refrescoes. ! Ooops… there was a bowl of hard candies at the sign-in table. The folks running the Yankee Dollars Give-Away seem quite sincere and hopefully competent in their discretionary spending choices, as it seems they have, happily, been given plenty of money to distribute (without Yankees Strings attached, they claim).

They need more experience in how to run an Awards Presentation Program (this one was their 2d). The Event started with a Bronx Bishop’s Prayer to Jesus, followed by a group, “amen”. Even sitting year after year thru all the speeches at Bronx Science Graduation Ceremonies was less painful than the slow, almost off-the-cuff remarks by each member of the Benefits Board , followed by a PowerPt presentation of their new website, followed by calling each one of the many recipients seated everywhere in the good-sized Hospital Auditorium up to the front to receive a check from Susan Goldy, followed by a bunch of photographer pictures of each recipient with the Board Members, after which the next recipient was summoned, over & over, followed by summary remarks, followed by questions from the audience. I sat between Christina & Ellen, so that made the experience more enjoyable. The Big Winner was Adam Green of Rockin’TheBoat. I later advised Riverdale Realtor,Susan Goldy, that BCEQ would consider working with any deserving environmental project that needed a 501c3 fiscal conduit. Ellen says some groups get up to 8% feedback and more. It was generous of Christina to treat me to lunch after the presentation. Visit website to read how Friends of Vannie intends to use their $14,9987 Grant. Anyone reading this Blog who has possible project suggestions, please comment below.

The Yankee$Dollar$ will be granted semi-annually for many years! !GO YANKEES!


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