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Every development project should make at least one environmental condition in its vicinity better and make none worse.

Please click the links below to read about all the projects that we have been involved in.


We are working on this part of the site. To view the old files on each of the above project, click here.

RESEARCH – this is a new section which we will use for studies that others do on areas of concern.  Some will be links, others will be downloads.

NEW BCEQ Harlem River Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Step 2 is FINAL

Below are two files which make up the whole report.  Please read each of the files.

160304 HR BOA FINAL REPORT-Sect 1-3

160304 HR BOA FINAL REPORT Sect 4 & Appendix

Urban Land Institute did this report on University Heights:

Pratt Institute and Trust for the Public Land did this visioning document:

Harlem River Greenway Visioning Plan Outside Brochure and Map of the Proposals Inside Map of Plan

MIT did a great study on the Harlem River Waterfront:  Bronx:  Meet Your Waterfront Plan

Harlem River BOA study and report by BCEQ

Reclaiming the Riverfront study and power point by CB 7 and Columbia U Grad Students

Reclaiming the Riverfront Planning Report BX CB7 May 2010

Look for the Power Point to be uploaded soon!  — one is the power point (large file 87 MB), the other is the pdf of it (medium file size 21 MB) which is zipped below:

Here is the zipped file —  Restorying the Riverfront ppt May 2010

HRWG Power Point HRWG Complete Presentation

BP Power Point BxBPWaterFrontPresentationbrief

Harlem River Promenade (aka Depot Place) — Harlem River Promenade by Star Whitehouse (BOEDC)


Here is the pdf of the proposal that is at CPC Dec 2010 —PutnamGreenway

Harlem River Yards Park and Greenway aka Stop FreshDirect

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