Sensitive Receiving Waters – Designation for the Harlem and Bronx Rivers

October 4th, 2010 Posted in Bronx River, Front Page News, Harlem River Working Group, Projects, UnBLOGlievable!, Water Committee

Here are the letters exchanged between BCEQ and the DEC.

DEC Commissioner Denied Appeal – BCEQ_DECCom_reject_appeal (8-3-10)

Appeal to the DEC Commissioner  BCEQ_Appeal_Sensitive_Area_04192010

DEC response  – DEC_reply_to_BCEQ__Requesting_Sensitive_Area_(3-5-10)

BCEQ request to designated Bronx and Harlem Rivers as Sensitive Areas –  BCEQ__Requesting_Sensitive_Area_02172010

Check out what other EPA regions do:  MO_WQS_decision_letter102909

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