Happy 97th Birthday Theresa Lato: February 17

January 31st, 2009 Posted in Front Page News

We got this reminder note from Theresa’s son Eli …………………………….

My mother’s 97th birthday is coming up on February 17. If you can find the time to email or snail-mail a birthday card, ma will enjoy it.

If you happen to be in touch with Dorothy Curran, please tell her that ma loves her letters and that Dorothy is doing a noble thing. Thank you, Dorothy!

Ma recognizes me and Tanya and Yonatan. When she watches FOX, she occasionally makes an intelligent comment about a news item. When I brought her to our doctor for a checkup, she said that she was not in any pain, and said, “I enjoy my family life.” For 97, that’s about as good as it gets.

Thanks and best wishes,
Eli Lato

Email: eli_lato@hotmail.com
Snail Mail: 14 Ein Ha Noch #28, Givat Savyon Israel 55900
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