Oh where oh where have our replacement parks gone?

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Well folks, they are not where they should be.  If anyone thinks we are kidding, just go see for yourself.  This is simply a theft of services.  I do not know why they are building half a garage and half a park.  Why do they need more parking if they are making it with half a garage.  Why continue?


Workers have to line up outside and be let in to work at certain times.They hold their place on line, while they stand on the sidewalk under the elevated train


Now onto the Park in the Sky, or the Park on top of the Garage!

Approach to the Park ontop of the Garage Two Flight Stair CaseWalk to the right up the hill to the bridge to get to the Handicapped Entrance.


Tall set of stairs and a different handicapped entrance.  Are they supposed to do that?  No, you say?  But they are building a monument to ……… someone?  Who cares about the people?

Steps, Steps, Steps, really high, could be even three stories——————————————————————————————————————————

Wait till you see what is up those stairs, stairs, stairs.  By the way, it was supposed to be a berm.  Hmmmm…… almost looks like a mountain.  Would be really fun in the snow.  But watch out, you could end up in the traffic!

Rules to follow when you are in the Rooftop ParkMacombs Dam Park - sign along the walk to the handicapped entrance


Now up to the top, and I forgot to take the photo of the handicapped entrance, because I was so surprised that anyone would even think they could pass this off as a park.  And don’t they know that you can not have a separate entrance for handicapped persons?

There are no words to use .......and very hotTalk about the heat island impact .........where are the trees ..... I know, in the Tree Museum


There is one part that is nice.  It is ………can you guess?  It is the part closest to the new Yankee Stadium.  Did I tell you that I was a Met Fan?  Have been since the beginning.

Lovely rest area ....the tourists will love it.  Good photo op!——————————————————————————————————————————

It was a nice relief to be under an umbrella in the heat.  It was about 80 degrees, but was much hotter up on the roof.

Joyce and Killian chatting away.  Yankee Stadium in the backgroundSome surfaces may become hot.  Please take precautions with exposed skin.


So, that about does it.  Oh yeah, we went looking for the berm.

No berm near the half built garage .....No berm by the other half a garage


Can not figure out what they are doing, but the berm will be going the other way. So we went to see the new Metro North Station.  That is really nice.

Walking toward the muralBeautiful Mural of the stars in the Bronx sky in 15 minute intervals.


The site is unbelievable.  Maybe this is why the parking lots are not utilized!  There are too many of them ……….and people are coming by the Metro North.  Great idea.  And they did it so fast.  Wonder why the parks are taking so long?  Here is the big bat and the big crane.  Second one shows the GWB.

Nice view from the Metro North looking north westBig Bat and Crane from the Metro North Station


Then finally ……

Wow ......... it is really a station.  Good job!——————————————————————————————————————————

Was going to check out the waterfront parks, but it was too far.  Next time.  Let me know what you think, thanks, Karen

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