Eager to Learn in Pelham Parkway

September 8th, 2009 Posted in Ask Ivy, Front Page News

Dear Ivy,

I am an avid reader who wants to learn more about local environmental issues and read inspirational stories that will help motivate me to get more involved.  Can you recommend some good books to help get me started?

Eager to Learn in Pelham Parkway

Dear Ready to Read,

That is great! There are several inspiring and exciting books to recommend.

Let’s start with the one that should be on everyone’s must read list:  Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.  Silent Spring is required reading for most environmental majors in college and for a very good reason.  This book will motivate you to jump out of your reading chair and start to make a difference.  Another motivational book is The RIVERKEEPERS: Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right by John Cronin and Robert Kennedy which is a more recent inspirational story about how two people fought to save the Hudson River.

Here are a few recommendations of books that focus on environmental issues facing New York City:

  • Liquid Assets: A History of New York City’s Water System by Diane Galusha
  • Bronx Ecology: Blueprint For A New Environmentalism by Allen Hershkowitz and Maya Lin
  • Water for Gotham: A History by Gerard T. Koeppel
  • Water-Works: The Architecture and Engineering of the New York City Water Supply by Kevin Bone, Gina Pollara, and Gerard Koeppel
  • A Natural History of New York City by John Kieran (As a side note– there is a trail in Van Cortlandt Park named after this author)
  • Wild Nights: Nature Returns to the City by Anne Matthews
  • New York City Trees: A Field Guide for the Metropolitan Area by Edward Sibley Barnard (A side note: use this field guide to go and see some of these beautiful trees which will motivate anyone)

Here are a few recommendations of children’s books:

  • The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
  • The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks by Joanne Cole
  • Where Does the Garbage Go? By Paul Showers
  • Stellaluna by Janell Cannon
  • Waylon’s Wandering Waterdrop by John L. Turner

Happy Reading!!!


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