President’s Blog: Happy Thanksgiving 11-25-09

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Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for taking the time to read my BCEQ Pres’ Blog. Throughout the upcoming Season, give a thought now and again about the environmental impact of this Happy Holiday.

Nanci and I went turkey shopping at Stew Leonard’s in Yonkers to buy a free-range bird. There was a picture of SL surrounded by his unrestrained flock. While shopping we ran into Christina and Sarah of FVCPk. I was pleased to read the many healthful sounding labels, e.g. natural, organic.

Because I no longer go into Bx Science, I’ve been going to more meetings than in the past. If you too are so inclined, please check out the calendar that I personally keep updated on an almost hourly basis:

I attended both recent meetings presenting the suggested alternative routes for Hudson River GreenWay from Inwood to Yonkers. At the Inwood Library meeting, I had a chance to chat again with our new BxBPOffice Environmental & OpenSpace Planner, Jessica Noon. Excellent choice on RD’s part. JN also attended last week’s HRWG Meeting.

The WaveHill Meeting (hosted by CB8, RNP, FHRG [Bronx chapter]) included presentations by H.J.Mann (NYCMTC) & Joshua Laird (Gail W’s spouse)

I finally got to meet Frances G. Beineke, after having heard her on Leonard Lopate Show describing her new book, “Clean Energy Common Sense”. Jane promised to get FB to pen an autograph, so I ordered “CECS” and Al Gore’s, “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis “(printed on 100 percent recycled paper for a savings of 2,000 trees and 150,000 pounds of carbon dioxide) from Borders. Regarding my personal hopes for a HRG: I hope it gets built along the river while I’m still able to pedal my 10-speed. Jodie tells me there’ll be no “motorized vehicles” so my thoughts of riding to Battery Park on an electrified trike have been dashed. Speaking of Riverdale meetings, “Climate Change” was the topic elucidated by Dan Miner, Sierra NYC President (Queens resident) at Ethical Culture Society. A good talk, followed by lots of good homemade foodstuffs. Dan mentioned an issue of shared concern, i.e. hydrofracturing for gas in the Marcellus Shale (Catskill Watershed). All our resources need not be used up for short-term gain. Let’s leave something un-usurped for future generations to inherit. It really pisses me off when the city sells off assets that have been in our possession for so many years. I was informed thru our website ContactUsForm that trees on Pelham Parkway will be cut to make room for a barrier. Contact BCEQ Corresponding Sec’y, Jorge Santiago, if this issue interests you.

The Partnership 4 Parks’ Volunteers Appreciation Dinner @ Bronx Zoo was classy. Lots of us BCEQ’ers were being appreciated. The food was excellent, the vino flowed, and Adrian gave a funny speech. I look FW to another 4 years working with him and Hector as supporters of a Greener Bronx. We have our differences, but that’s what environmental activism is all about, right? Dealing with Parks Dep’t is way better than dealing with another Dep’t, if U know whom I mean, right?

I was disappointed that Omar didn’t show up for his GreenWorkers’ sponsored GreenDrinks at the G-Bar. Fried Calamari, enough to share. Not so cheap, though.

There is an “invitation only” Holiday Dinner Meeting coming up on the second Weds in December. If interested, use the website contact form for details. Seating is very limited.

KeepINTouch!!! ***icle***

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