HRWG applies for River Network Urban Waters Capacity Building Grant

March 15th, 2011 Posted in Front Page News, Harlem River Working Group, Water Committee

Harlem River Working Group applies for the River Network Urban Waters Capacity Building Grant.

The goal of the Urban Waters Capacity-Building Grants is to improve our nation’s impaired urban water resources – rivers, lakes, wetlands and more – and the socioeconomically challenged communities around them by providing local organizations, tribal and local governments with the skills and techniques to effectively restore these resources over time.

The Harlem River Working Group has applied, through the Highbridge Community Life Center (HCLC) and the Bronx Council for Environmental Quality (BCEQ).  Here is the application:

1. Executive Summary UrbanWatersExecutiveSummary

2.  Application HRWGUrban WatersFinal

A. Budget   urbanwater_budget_template
B.  Maps River Location: open_water_section_3 p14, and Harlem River Target areas:  map above and
C.  List of Partner Organizations: Attachment C List of Partners
D.  Biographies: Biographies Harlem River Working Group
E.  Board of Directors – supplied for both HCLC and BCEQ

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