2013 Regional Open Space Advisory Committee Report – NYC Region 2

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Excerpts from the draft report, there has been no hearings scheduled since June 2013.  Presented below is only the Bronx notes.  To read the full report, including the notes on the Bronx, please find the link below.  Special thanks to our Bronx representatives:  Jane Sokolow and Mychal Johnson.




 The New York City – Region 2 Advisory Committee (RAC) for the New York State Open Space Conservation Plan convened four times over a twelve week period to review the status of previously listed properties and identify additional parcels to be included in a new regional Priority List for potential purchase under the State Land Acquisition Plan. In meetings lead by the regional offices of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (OPRHP), the Region 2 RAC also discussed the strategic importance of measures other than acquisition for preserving open space in New York City (NYC), where the cost of land is at a premium, noting in particular the successes that can be achieved through land transfers between public agencies and annexing new properties to already established public open space.



  1. MOTT HAVEN-PORT MORRIS WATERFRONT – The Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan is consistent with three rezonings on adjacent land as well as Vision 2020 NYC Comprehensive Waterfront Plan; it provides a logical solution to climate change effects on the Significant Maritime and Industrial Area (SMIA) located within flood zones; ……………
  2. BRONX RIVER GREENWAY – Creation of a greenway/trailway along the Bronx River from 172d Street to Hunts Point Riverside Park and Soundview Park.  ……….
  3. City Island Wetlands – A vacant Bronx shorefront area in its natural state with significant wetlands; will also provide public access to the waterfront.
  4. City Island Gateway – Located just east of the City Island Bridge, this private parcel is waterfront property that faces Pelham Bay Park and Orchard Beach to the north, …………..
  5. Putnam Railroad – A greenway through the northern Bronx using an abandoned railroad  R.O.W.
  6. Daylight Tibbets Brook – New Addition. Extending from Van Cortlandt Park along the Putnam Line to the Harlem River. ……………..
  7. Hudson River Greenway – Acquisition of College Point, a parcel on the Hudson River in the northern Bronx. ………………………………


  1. HARLEM RIVER WATERFRONT – The public access objective for the Harlem River area is to provide pedestrians and cyclists with opportunities to enjoy both banks of the river through expansion of waterfront parks and the creation of a continuous pathway within the city-wide greenway system.  ………
  2. BRONX HARLEM GREENWAY – The five-acre Spuyten Duyvil/Penn Central Triangle properties …………   the CSX-owned and city-owned parcels north of Fordham Road …….. the 3.7 acre Fordham Landing property at the end of Fordham road, ……………. to Roberto Clemente State Park; redevelopment of the ………..  waterfront parklands and greenway along a particularly scenic portion of the Harlem River Valley (Facing Manhattan’s Highbridge Park) south to the Washington and Hamilton Bridges. ………..

MANHATTAN HARLEM RIVER GREENWAY – Four privately owned industrial lots …………would form a waterside promenade with fishing access.



  •            Bruckner Boulevard & Bronx River Ave
  •           Lafayette Avenue fur factory
  •           1219 Gilbert Place*
  •           1264 Lafayette Avenue*
  •           740 Manida Street*
  •           Corporal Irwin Fisher- Playground
  •           Sedgwick Avenue
  •           Kingsbridge Crescent
  •           High Island
  •           Hudson River Greenway
  •           Melrose Commons
  •           South Bronx Greenway
  •           Westchester Creek
  •           Pugsley’s Creek
  •           Riverdale Park Addition
  •           Highbridge Park
  •           Nelson Avenue Playground
  •           Hunt’s Point Waterfront Access
  •           Co-op City Easement
  •           Port Morris/Randall’s Island Greenway
  •           Community Garden/Webster Ave (210 St.)
  •           South Bronx Lowline
  •           Hutchinson River waterfront access
  •           City Island Gateway Project (Block 5636 Lot 149)




  •           Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront (A – Bronx Kill Waterfront)
  •           Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront (B – Park Ave Waterfront at Harlem River)
  •           Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront (C – Lincoln Avenue at Harlem River)
  •           Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront (D – Alexander Avenue at Harlem River)
  •           Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront (E – East 132nd Street Pier at East River)
  •           Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront (F – Historic Port Morris Gantries)
  •           Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront (G – Waterfront Connecting Path)
  •           Property on Exterior Street
  •           Bronx River Trailway
  •           LORAL site City lots
  •           Edgewater Road
  •           Croton Aqueduct Trail Linkage
  •           Highbridge Peace Park
  •           Brush Ave. (East Side)

Note:  If you leave comments below, you may have to repeat them when and if the State holds hearings on the full state report.  This is ONLY the NYC Region Report in draft.

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