25 Selected Studies of the Harlem River over 35 years

May 14th, 2017 Posted in Define the Issues

The overarching vision for the Bronx waterfront of the Harlem River is a contiguous waterfront park.  This is a fundamental consensus embraced by several generations of city and state agencies, elected officials, and their constituents. It has been outlined in some 25 plans that been developed, refined, and re-issued — all with public participation over the same number of years.   While it is understood today that this means future development of waterfront itself must be primarily recreational, nonetheless, information about water-quality is needed to post advisories, determine the feasibility of bringing people to the river, and increase biodiversity.

25 Selected Studies of the

Harlem River from 1982 to 2017

( 35 years)

1982 New York City Waterfront Revitalization Program, revised in 2002
1989 The Bronx Harlem River Plan (New York City Department of City Planning)
1990 Waterfront Management Plan (NYC Department of City Planning)
1992 New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan (New York City Department of City Planning)
1993 Plan for the Bronx Waterfront (New York City Department of City Planning)
1993 Bronx Greenway Plan (Bronx Borough Board)
1995 New Parkland for New Yorkers: Opportunities to Protect Open Space in New York City (Trust for Public Land)
1997 Investing in the Waterfront: New York City’s Waterfront Revitalization Program (New York City Department of City Planning)
1997 New York City Bicycle Master Plan (New York City Departments of City Planning and Transportation)
1997 The Old Croton Aqueduct (The Parks Council, now New Yorkers for Parks)
2000 Harlem River Greenway Master Plan (Department of City Planning)
2002 New Waterfront Revitalization Program (New York City Department of City Planning)
2003 Report of the Bronx Waterfront Task Force (Borough President Adolfo Carrion)
2003 CD8 2000: A River to Reservoir Strategy (197a Plan)
2004 Bronx Waterfront Plan (Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion)
2004 Bronx Arterial Needs Major Investment Study (NYS Department of Transportation)
2004 The Harlem River Waterfront. (Bronx Council on Environmental Quality)
2005 2005: NYS Open Space Conservation Plan (adopted 2009, and new one 2013)
2006 2006: Upper Harlem/Harlem River Comprehensive Waterfront Plan (New York Restoration for Parks)
2010 Reclaiming-the-Riverfront-Planning-Report-BX-CB7-May-2010 by CB 7 and Columbia U Grad Students
2011 Harlem River Waterfront:  Bronx:  Meet Your Waterfront Plan, by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Architecture School
2012 Harlem River Greenway Vision, by Trust for the Public Land, Harlem River Working Group, Pratt Center for Community Development
2014 University-Heights-TAP_FINALUniversity Heights Waterfront, by the Urban Land Institute
2015 Harlem River Brownfields Opportunity Area [BOA] Nomination Report, Borough of the Bronx, by the Bronx Council for Environmental Quality (BCEQ) and New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYC Parks)  


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