10.12.2018 BCEQ Comments to the ACOE on Storm Barriers Environmental Review

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we wrote:

“Sometime in the Fourth Grade, we learned about the interaction of land, water and air. It is a simple lesson that begins with the basics of the water cycle — the essence of all life on earth. It is worth repeating. Rain falls to the soil; vegetation captures it above ground and leads it to the base flow input of neighboring waterbodies. Excess water is transferred to the air, cooling it as it rises again to the clouds. There is only so much water on earth, so it is a precious resource. As people, we need to learn how to live together in our watershed. Today, we face highly populated urban and suburban places. Many people crowd homes or businesses into historically vacant low-lying places which were and should remain our sponge on the waterfront. These comments reflect the need to return to nature and natural systems, known to many as ecosystem services.”

read more:    BCEQ Comments to ACE on Storm Barriers Environmental Review 10.12.2018

If you are interested in this topic, check out the session on 60 Minutes here:


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