10.27.2018 Roberto Clemente State Park – new paddling dock

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During our December 2016 Holiday Party, BCEQ was notified that Roberto Clemente State Park asked the Rowing Club who located on site and provide rowing for the agency, was asked to vacate the area.  The planned construction meant they could no longer store their equipment on site and the existing doc was going to be removed.  On February 23,  2017, we met with the leadership of the Park and was told they would be trying to get the dock rebuilt at another location.  We waited patiently for the new dock.

We found this sign by the old dock location.  See here:

We are very happy that we finally have a dock on the Bronx Side of the Harlem River!!!!!!!

Roberto Clemente State Park – new paddling dock
10.8.18 To Frances Rodriguez:  I was so excited this weekend when I was bicycling by Roberto Clemente on the Harlem River Greenway on the Manhattan side and saw that the new dock had been installed sometime last week or over the weekend. This is such amazing news!  Do you have the dimensions and details?  Is there going to be a public announcement about the dock and are any groups lined up to use it for the 2019 season?  We unfortunately cancelled the Canoe Mobile for the Bronx for Fall 2018 as we would not have on water access in the Bronx and wanted to get a sense when you think that the dock will be available to be used.  Will NYC Kayak or Canoe Permit holders be able to use the dock or will there be another method?  So many more questions but very excited about the new dock!  Chauncy Young

10.10.18 Hi Chauncy,  Frances shared your excited note with me.  We are extremely pleased to be able to offer the public this wonderful new dock in the beautifully renovated park.  Various aspects of the renovation will continue through  spring 2019.  As we wind that down, we’ll finalize the plans for the dock and its use so as to serve the greatest number of users.  We’ll certainly be soliciting proposals for community use and education, stay tuned on that.  We’re getting there!  Leslie Wright

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