Help turn Fort Independence Park into a sponge REVISED

May 6th, 2019 Posted in Front Page News, Jerome Park Reservoir, Water Committee

Help turn Fort Independence Park into a sponge!

Enter the Park into Sponge Contest at with your name, phone, & affiliation or if it is school project, your professor/teacher. Provide a short description of your ideas and the method of your presentation.  You will be expected to give a 5-minute talk on the design.

Be the City’s imagination and prepare Green Infrastructure drawings based on the photos of runoff damage supplied in the registration packet.

Or use your own park and take your own photos and prepare GI to turn your Park into a Sponge.

  • Bring your final exhibit, on either a poster, power point, or storyboard to the meeting (set up is 5 pm on April 10).
  • Winners will be announced in at our Environmental Education Awards Board Meeting in June 12, 2019.

What is Green Infrastructure?

Here is a great video from federal EPA:

Here is a great video from NYC’s DEP:

Here is some good reading:

This is Fort Independence Park Packet:

**** Extra Credit for those interested in promoting Green Infrastructure with a lower water fee incentive. Here is a good report on Water affordability:

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