Earth Day 50 years later

April 7th, 2020 Posted in Front Page News, Green Infrastructure

BCEQ Earth Week 2020: Because Our Planet Needs More Than a Day, and We’re Home Anyway

BCEQ Earth Day Virtual Conference – 2020 April 20 to 24.  The 22nd is the real Earth Day. The 24th is Arbor Day.

Monday 4.20.2020 – Earth Day 50 Years Later Introduction – Karen Argenti and Robert Fanuzzi (BCEQ)

Story Board – Earth Day 50 BCEQ Story Board

Youtube  The discussion

Tuesday: Apr 21, 2020  – Environmental Educators Panel, Ira Charles Levenberg (BCEQ)

Video of Education Environmental Panel

Wednesday, Apr 22, 2020 – Harlem River Watershed Management Plan, the Fishway on the Bronx River, and the Urban Waters Federal Partnership (Katie Friedman NYC Parks and Sara Powell Bronx and Harlem River Ambassador)

BCEQ Earth Day Week Conference Harlem and Bronx Rivers

Wednesday, Apr 22, 2020 – Macro-invertebrates in Van Cortlandt Park (Alex Byrne, Van Cortlandt Park Alliance)

Thursday, Apr 23, 2020 – Pollution Goes Where the River Flows – History of the Bronx River (Amber Plaksin, Michelle Luebke, and Christian Murphy, Bronx River Alliance).

Video of Pollution Goes Where the River Flows

Friday, Apr 24, 2020 – Green Infrastructure (Karen Argenti, Paul Manchiewicz, BCEQ) & BCEQ Goals for Earth Day 2030 (Robert Fanuzzi, BCEQ) & 7 Manhattan College Enviro Students 3 minutes each Dart Westphal (Manhattan College and BCEQ)

Green Infrastructure:  what it is – how we can increase its use


BCEQ Books for Earth Day 50

BCEQ Earth Day 2030 Goals

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