Black Lives Matter message from BCEQ

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An Important Message from the
Bronx Council for Environmental Quality


50 years ago, the Bronx Council for Environmental Quality was created “to establish — as an Inherent Human Right — a sound, forward-looking environmental policy regarding an aesthetic, unpolluted, environment protecting a natural and historic heritage.” We recognized then, and affirm now, that the people of the Bronx have an equal right to an unpolluted natural and historic environment.

The tragic history of black people’s deaths at the hands of police is a shocking reminder that every person’s rights are not treated as equal. We are aggrieved that we must still fight for the value of black lives. We stand with the black and brown people of the Bronx against the indignities witnessed leading up to and during the pandemic, and urge a quick and sustainable response to the racism and prejudice of Law Enforcement.

We furthermore call for decision-makers that govern our land use and environmental policies to recognize the disproportionate effect of disease and violence on communities of color.

June, 2020, BCEQ Board of Directors, Prepared by BCEQ Secretary, Karen Argenti

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