Ten lanes of the Major Deegan enough space for a big sponge

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Ten lanes of the Major Deegan enough space for a big sponge:

Excerpts from Conversation between Dart, Karen and Paul about stormwater capture.

Karen:  Found this photo of the ten lanes across the park for the Major Deegan.

Dart:  Maybe we can give up some of that area to capture the runoff.  It is about 4,000 feet long.

Paul:  Seems like a great deal of space without impacting any lanes.  There is room for the equivalent of a 5’ wide structure along much of the road edge (could be discontinuous).   Could be ten plus feet in the middle, so could do the same thing they have on parts of the LIE & Northern Parkway, a vegetated island built between concrete barriers.  At even a 2’ width, though this one could hold 4+ cubic feet of water for every foot of length.  Open open space along the roadway edges on both sides as well.

Dart:  Good, we can also make a bike lane.

Karen:  Protected bike lane.  There are buses to Westchester on the side local roadways.  Let’s talk to the NYS DOT.


4,000’ long with eight 10’ wide lanes = 320,000 sq.ft.

1” runoff = 26,667 cu.ft.
3” runoff = 80,000 cu.ft.

if 5’ wide 4,000 ft long catchments like Pier 5 installs (but concrete instead of plastic Jersey barriers)
each 5 ft X 4000 ft length at a 2’ depth would hold 40,000 cu.ft.

With one of these on each side, 3” of runoff, 80,000 cu.ft of water would be fully contained.  Cost is basically used jersey barriers plus swimming pool liner, about a dollar a square foot or so

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