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February 19th, 2023 Posted in Blogs, climate changge, Communications Committee Work, Front Page News, Green Infrastructure, Greenway, In the News, Project Green, Resiliency and Sustainability, Water Committee

     While all agree to protect our future by cutting down on greenhouse gases. The question is just how much are we willing to give up. Cement manufacturing accounts for 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Concrete, which is made out of cement, is the most widely used substance on Earth — behind only water; the third largest consumer of energy; and the second largest emitter of CO2 when looking at industrial players alone.

     As individuals, it is great to recycle, compost, bike or drive hybrid / EV. Keep that up, but now it is time for industry, government, and transportation networks to step up, too. We need big changes faster. There is no time to wait.

     For one, there is a good reason NYC government to take a four year pause and halt new building of what is now called “affordable” housing. Most will say, but we need housing. I disagree – what we need is housing that is affordable.

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