Climate Change Solutions using Carbon and Energy Efficiency

February 19th, 2023 Posted in Board Meetings, Committees, Communications Committee Work, Environmental Justice Issues, Environmental Reviews, Front Page News, Green Infrastructure, Newsletters, Power Plan, Project Green, Resiliency and Sustainability, Water Committee

Climate Change Solutions using Carbon and Energy Efficiency

Many of us are concerned about what the future holds in terms of Climate Change, Green House Gases, and Carbon Sequestration. Conserving and protecting our natural resources, making our uses of electricity more efficient, and growing green spaces are all important steps toward attaining that goal.  BCEQ proposes to open the discussion in the Bronx, and set the goal for all of our residents to help us reach the goal of saving 160 Mega Watts – enough to replace the “Peaker plants” in the south Bronx – an area with the highest rate of asthma in the nation.

Growing green spaces in the urban environment will lower the temperature, captures carbon, and increase evapotranspiration. Areas with 50% green spaces can lower the ambient temperature from 92 to 82 degrees and saves on the electricity needed to run the air conditioners – lowering the heat island effect.

We plan to create “Carbon and Energy Efficiency Hubs” throughout the borough – starting with four areas in the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest and expanding as we grow interest. Meetings will be outdoors as much as possible, guest speakers (TBA) will be invited, refreshments will be served, and leadership training will be encouraged.

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