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Quality Housing Program change in 1987 – NYC CPC Report and Vote including the text change

The Department of City Planning’s review concluded that while the principal causes of the decline in housing production were economic, the Zoning Resolution adopted in 1961 exacerbated the problem. The 1961 multi-family residential bulk controls were designed to encourage development of tall buildings surrounded by large open spaces in the medium to high density zoning districts.

For example, in an R6 district a three-story building could have a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 1.62. If more of the land were left open (65 to 81 percent) and developments built taller, the FAR increases to 2.12 at six stories and up to 2.43 at 13 stories. On large sites, (over 30,000 sq. ft.), these regulations result in a generally efficient building with a reasonable number of apartments per floor and a reasonable ratio of apartments to common area at the maximum FAR. On small sites, however, these regulations can significantly raise building costs for heights above four stories. The tall, slender buildings necessary on small lots to achieve the maximum FAR have fewer apartments to share the costs of the common areas. This raises, the construction and maintenance costs per apartment. Where the housing market is very strong this is not an impediment to development. In other areas, it discourages development. (emphasis added)

870197a Quality Housing 1987 CPC vote

1987-07-17_Quality-Housing-Program_TOC and CPC Report-Vote


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