Statement of Purpose The Bronx Council for Environmental Quality seeks to establish — as an Inherent Human Right — a sound, forward-looking environmental policy regarding an aesthetic, unpolluted, environment protecting a natural and historic heritage.

Implicit in this Statement of Purpose is a concern for:

Intelligent land use. The development and implementation of good urban designs relevant to improving Quality of Life and the human condition.

Increasing open spaces. Showing respect for the natural topography

Waste management programs to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources.

The monitoring and periodic checking of new factors introduced into the environment [often before designated as safe] by responsible agencies (e.g., Food and Drug Administration).

Preservation of our natural park land, shore lines and waterways, natural resources, historic sites and landmarks.

Keeping the environment free from further construction, refuse dumping, littering, landfilling, and all other forms of encroachment and ecological destruction and pollution .

Encouragement of boro-wide public cooperation in this effort.

We believe grassroots citizen involvement is essential in building, maintaining, and improving a sustainable present and future environment.

We think globally, and act locally — in The Bronx.  Realistic development and subsequent enforcement of environmental legislation.

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