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2007 Publication.  Back up information on the CWTP

On  11/11/07, Comments on the High Cost of the CWTP, Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz press release and study

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The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) is building a water treatment plant for the Croton Water system.  On the next link, you can read about the plans to build the Croton Water Treatment Plant (CWTP) in a park in the Bronx. It was approved in a Final Environmental Impact Statement when the DEP decided to build this plant in June 2004. In the past two and one half years, interesting things have happened:

  1. According to the October and December minutes of the Facilities Monitoring Committee (FMC) the Costs have almost tripled original estimates, now approaching $3 billion. The FMC is a little used committee from the “Fair Share of Municipal Facilities” part of the “Uniform Land Use Review Process (ULURP)” as required by the City Charter.
  2. Handouts from the May 17, 2007 FMC are attached below.  But you can find all the latest minutes from the meetings on the link above.
  3. Water Board Rates are to rise 11.5% this June.  By September the DEP was asking for more.  Wonder why?  As the DEP.  FYI – The Water Board sets the rates for the meter.  They get a recommendation from the Water Finance Authority.  Both the Water Board and the Water Finance Authority used to be listed on the web, but are no longer there.  Contact the DEP for more info.
  4. Promised park projects proceed, but not according to the timming of the original list, it is not up to projected days to completion.  See attachment distributed to the City Council in 2004 –updatedlistfor10m091304 below.

  5. Bidding process to hit snag causing fines to accumulate.

  6. The Department of Investigation (DOI) is partnering with the DEP to create a new “Integrity Monitory Project” modeled after World Trade Center (WTC) recovery program to monitor contractors with contractors. Go to the link and download the DOI report for 2002-3 and go to page 12.

  7. Many diesel trucks entering worksite  without new air equipment, as promised.


  • Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz wrote to the New York City Department of Investigation (DOI) and the Conflicts of Interest Board (COIB) to ask for the issue of the more than double costs be investigated.  Letters are attached with Costs Chart.  Download the file for contact info.

  • Cost Chart listed separately, as well.  Email for more info.


FUTURE CLOUDY FOR $1B WATER PLANTNew York Post – April 15, 2007, DAVID SEIFMAN City Hall Bureau Chief

April 15, 2007 — The city’s hard-fought plan to build a billion- dollar water-filtration plant under Van Cort landt Park has hit a major snag that could cost taxpayers another $200 million.

That’s because the low bidder on the project has pulled out, and the only other bidder is mulling whether to take the job. Under what is now the best-case scenario, the price of the project would increase nearly 18 percent, from $1.127 billion to $1.328 billion.  . . . .

Skanska Gets $1 Billion Water Plant Deal
Forbes, NY – May 14, 2007
Skanska will be in charge of construction for the Croton Water Filtration Plant, which will help supply drinking water for New York City, the company said.

Water and Wastewater
New, $1.3B Underground Water Plant for NYC
Water and Wastewater, FL – May 16, 2007
The contract is for the Croton Water Filtration Plant in New York. The total contract amount is USD 1.3 billion, of which Skanska has 80 percent,
The Bronx Building Boom – Too Much?
WNYC, NY – May 24, 2007
But because of the water treatment plant, the borough received $200 million to improve and increase parkland, officials say. And parks commissioner Benepe

The $2.8 billion hole?  Bronx water filtration plant under construction
drowning in cost overruns and controversy

In the middle of the Bronx’s Van Cortlandt Park, a 380,000-square-foot hole in the ground lies at the heart of a growing scandal. . . .

Dinowitz Calls for Investigation of Filter Plant Costs Norwood News, May 31, 2007, ALEX KRATZ

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, usually an outspoken critic of the water filtration plant being built in Van Cortlandt Park, sat mostly silent during a meeting two weeks ago of the Croton Facility Monitoring Committee, which oversees the filter plant project.

Dinowitz, who has opposed the project from the beginning (unlike other Bronx politicians such as Bronx Democratic boss Jose Rivera), may have been playing possum because this Friday he is set to unleash a formal complaint to the city, calling for a complete investigation into the project, which is experiencing “astronomical cost overruns.”  . . .

Activists Push for Inquiry Into Filtration Plant
WNYC, NY – Jun 1, 2007
Bronx representatives and activists are calling for an investigation into the cost overruns at the Croton Water Treatment Plant in Van Cortlandt Park.

Officials, leaders call for probe into BX plant project

News 12, the Bronx, – June 1, 2007

(06/01/07) VAN CORTLANDT PARK – Elected officials and community leaders gathered at City Hall Friday to demand an investigation into what they call a scandal surrounding the construction of the Croton water filtration plant. The rising cost of the construction project is at issue. Community leaders and officials complain that the estimated cost of the construction of the Van Cortlandt Park plant has risen from $1.3 billion to nearly $3 billion. . . . .

Assembly Members Boiling Over Costs Of Bronx Filtration Plant
November 02, 2007, NY1

A water filtration plant under construction in the Bronx has some local lawmakers boiling.

Members of the New York State Assembly say the plant, which is being constructed in Van Cortlandt Park, is already $1.5 billion over budget – ballooning from $1.3 billion to $2.7 billion.

“These massive cost overruns are going to affect people’s bills or their water rates, no matter if they are a homeowners, co-op owners or renters,” said Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz of the Bronx.

NY1 learned Friday that seven out of 11 Assembly members from the Bronx have sent letters asking the state attorney general and comptroller to investigate. Other letters were sent to the Assembly and City Council speakers, as well as members of Congress, asking for hearings.

“We don’t know if there is wrong doing or not or just poor judgment,” said Bronx Assemblywoman Aurelia Greene. “But we want to make sure that our constituents are not the victims of poor planning.”

.  .  .


Handouts FMC 051707.pdf

Investigation LTR 052907.pdf

Dinowitz Letter DOI 092007.pdf

Attachments to DOI letter 092007.pdf

Chart 091107REV.pdf

DOI repsonse to Dinowitz 100407.pdf

PR Dinowitz CWTP High Cost 111107.pdf

A Critical Analysis of the DEP Explanation for High Costs ….pdf

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