President’s blog, September 25, 2008: Croton FMC Sept 08 meeting

September 25th, 2008 Posted in CWTP, President's Blog

COMMENTS ON THE FILTRATION PLANT MONITORING MEETING (these are not minutes, these are my ever-changing personal views and opinions.) Comments on the Facilities Monitoring Committee meeting of September 18

Christina had warned me not to park beyond the end of the elevated Jerome train line, as her car had recently been vandalized up there. I was lucky enough to find a parking spot directly in front of the DEP Community Outreach Storefront. The meeting was very well attended. Everyone seemed engaged. Ezra Glaser; Karen ; Michael Gary; Jenny Nelson/Richard Barr (from BxSciencePA) and Walter Matystik spoke up during the citizens comment period before the meeting was called to order. The presentation had some amazing views from Google Earth of the Filtration Plant construction in progress. Check to see them for yourself. There were facts given mentioning the dismantling of the Filtration Demo Plant sitting on the site on which DEP promised JPC an OUEL. I’m waiting for the right moment to bring up the OUEL. StarQuest remembers those promises well, as should Zorro.

I found it sadly funny that when commenting on the complaint of dog faeces around the JPReservoir perimeter going uncleaned, the DEP Rep defended their inaction by saying that dog feces cleanup is citizen’s responsibility. And so, I in the view of DEP, is pollution of all sorts as well, right? So perhaps this is a call for citizen action or what?

Radical Priest Father Gorman passed out copies of his Official-looking letter taking issue with the denial of access to full use of Jerome Park, esp. the jogging trail around the reservoir. This has long been an issue for Anne Marie Garti of JPConservancy. There were no refreshments served. No coffee, tea, nor bottled water. I wonder what kind of water DEP serves when it does provide refrescos?


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  1. 2 Responses to “President’s blog, September 25, 2008: Croton FMC Sept 08 meeting”

  2. By Karen A on Sep 25, 2008

    You forgot to tell the people about the Health Department telling us that construction, including drilling and/or blasting does not cause rats to come out. LOL

  3. By ***mricle*** on Oct 15, 2008

    I did not want to scare folks by using the scarey Rat Horror Card. I seem to recall that as part of the EIS there was listing of indigenous species, right? Can someone please post that data reference? Ivy, are you reading this? ***mricle***

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