President’s Blog, September 26, 2008: Lehman College Science Building

September 25th, 2008 Posted in President's Blog, Project Green

When Karen first mentioned the Lehman College Groundbreaking Ceremony for their new state-of-art Science Research Facility, I said, “NoWay!” would I get up at regular workingman’s hours just for a free breakfast.

Then I realized what an honor it was to be invited, so there I was sleepily enjoying Bronx’s Bagels w/cream cheese. The Faculty Dining Rm was set up similarly to ParkSpeakUp, with round tables scattered about. Lots of folks in suits were there, as well as many alumni, so there was an air of importance to the gathering. President Ricardo Fernandez welcomed us all. I had the opportunity to sit at the same table with Rev. James H. Fairbanks, Chief of Staff for Councilwoman HDFoster. His son is a freshman at Lehman, and probably grew up in the same neighborhood as I did, i.e walking distance from Mullaly Park. I met Carol White, Special Ass’t to BCC President, who introduced me to Bob Nolan of BxBPOffice, and a few other interesting people, esp. Carlos A.Flynn – CUNY Dean/Fundraiser, who just recently brought his family residence in the South Bronx. Assembly Members Ruben Diaz, Jr. and Jeff Dinowitz greeted me; multitudes of officials present were thanked and thanked again.

As an environmental science teacher, I was especially impressed at the Golden LEEDS architectural magnificence of their well-funded science building. Mention was continually made of how this structure would motivate students not usually interested in science as a career. All those schools along Jerome Park’s Education Mile will certainly benefit from visits and collaborations with the faculty/facilities of this building, scheduled to start functioning in 2011, and guaranteed to be finished on time.


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