President’s Blog, 10.25.08: Yankees old threat

October 26th, 2008 Posted in President's Blog

Comment on NYT Article:
SPORTS / BASEBALL | October 25th, ‘2008
“Yankees Say They Would Have Left The Bronx if Pushed ”
By RICHARD SANDOMIR “The president of the New York Yankees told a Congressional hearing on Friday, that if the city had not issued tax-exempt financing for the team’s new stadium it would have left town.
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We Bronxites sure know what it’s like to be disrespected even on our own turf. You’d think that after all our recent turbulent history, we’d have some degree of pride and self-respect. I say, if the Bombers have zip loyalty to The Bronx, and the only reason the Yankees are in our borough is for their selfish, greedy $financial advantage: Then ByeBye & Good Riddance to Randy & George, who never seem to espouse pride in our shared Beloved Boro. Especially if there isn’t any substantial financial advantage to us, the Residents of The Bronx… then screw them! The Bronx has and will always rise again! Of course, having grown up at 165th & Grand Concourse, I am destined 4ever2B a rooter for the hometeam. That’s because I love the home, not because I necessarily love the team. ***mricle***

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  1. 3 Responses to “President’s Blog, 10.25.08: Yankees old threat”

  2. By karen on Oct 26, 2008

    Well, I agree with you President IC.

    Where else could the Yanks get a sweetheart deal like the one Rudy and Mike gave to their friends Randy and George!

    Like they could find a place as centrally located as the Bronx — near NJ, Conn, Upstate NY. give me a break!

    Where else could they get the municipality to PAY PAY PAY for EVERYTHING! The Yanks are NOT EVEN REQUIRED TO GO GREEN.

    It is really disgusting!

    Karen A

  3. By JH on Oct 27, 2008

    The Yankees repeated this same lie in court when sued by SaveOurParks!. when the judge inquired as to where they would go, they offered, “we’d rather not say”. The fact of the matter is they have nor had any other place to go. There is not a more lucrative market than currently exists here. A place that they don’t have to spend any money.


  4. By Dotti Poggi on Oct 28, 2008

    Maybe we should call the bluff on some of these “will leave town” situations.

    I wonder if I was in power and I told one of my friends they could save a bundle and also push some of that bundle my way….if they threatened to leave town….Mnay woiuld of course join in the game.

    I have a 6 acre Pepsi Distribution buiding being completed on my block (Brush Ave.)
    According to Adolfo Carrions work with them, they recieved tons of savings by staying in the Bronx.

    Thanks alot!
    My once somewhat balanced mixed use area is now a driveway for a Distribution plant.
    We are the entrance and exit for the 240 trips per day of the 30 ft trucks, we will for the first time be in the middle of a 24/7 operation with 14 or more tractor trailers per night using our road.

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