President’s Blog, 11-24-08: AMNH Climate Change Exhibit

November 24th, 2008 Posted in President's Blog

Once again I want to thank you for using as a resource for fulfilling our shared interest in the Environmental Quality of The Bronx and beyond.

I am particularly happy to report that the American Museum of Natural History has introduced a great way for the world to recognize the importance of the effect that Climate Change will have on environmental health with a new Exhibition. Climate Change: The Threat to Life and A New Energy Future, which aims to educate the public about dangers we are facing and how we can work together to improve the situation. The Exhibition also explores the science, history, and impact of climate change, and illuminates ways in which individuals, communities and nations can reduce their carbon footprints.

AMNH is also getting the word out among individuals through various online Social Channels including having their own Facebook Fan Page and a blog focused on improving environmental quality, called Signs of ChangeI am pleased that the AMNH is taking steps to encourage the public to take a deeper look at what is going on around us, both locally and globally – and most importantly to take action on it.

The Exhibition outlines numerous small ways we can contribute to Saving Planet Earth – Including: (1) Driving less o walking o biking o carpooling o combining errands o taking mass transit (2) Purchasing fewer new products  (3) Recycling more  (4) Using less electricity  (5) Using less hot water

I encourage you to take advantage of the education resources provided by the Exhibition for the limited time that it is at the Museum ( until August 16, 2009). Bring your family, learn about climate change, and how we can get involved with saving our threatened environment. I have also included the Climate Change exhibition in our BCEQ calendar, so you’ll know when you can go!  ***icle***

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