President’s Blog: 12/26/08, Back in the Bronx from Barcelona

December 27th, 2008 Posted in President's Blog

“It was almost fun to travel across the Atlantic for vacation. But hey, it’s good to be Back in The Bronx from our Barcelona based cruise. Nanci and I really regretted missing the always festive Holiday Meeting.

We visited ports in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The similarities and contrasts with The Bronx made me think. In Spain and Lisbon there were varied Recycling Receptacles in the streets and other public areas. Cars were small; streets full of bicycles, motorbikes, scooters, etc. Folks parked their motor bikes on the sidewalk curb. Some cities had a system of free bicycles to use and leave at designated racks. Riders wore helmets. Although many buildings were centuries old, the infrastructure seemed modern. Buses were everywhere. We took a Tour Bus that allowed us to hop off and on at any stop.

In the Tourist Areas the stores were upscale, and not so cheap, especially for Americans. Dunkin’ Donuts had a line out the door. Some shopping areas were pedestrian only. In general, the streets seemed clean enough (not much litter) except in Casablanca which had an air of pollution and grime coated surfaces on vehicles. Lisbon’s Aquarium is the second largest in the world. I saw organisms there I’d only seen in pictures. I couldn’t stop gaping at the 2 ton Atlantic Sunfish Moa moa, usually seen only by visitors to Galapagos.

One depressing take-away was the absolutely Out-of-Control Abundance of Graffiti everywhere, on every exposed surface, including some monuments. The Royal Caribbean ship we were on didn’t recycle and wasted a shameful amount of food. On the return flight, I was surprised to read an article in American Way describing a Bronx Tour highlighting Graffiti, with a few quotes about the decline and resurrection of the South Bronx from Historian Lloyd Ultan. Click Here (or copy & paste in your browser window And then today, as I walked around the Riverdale shopping area, I saw fresh ugly tags on Regal Drugs’ street panels (formerly display windows).

Happy Holidays to All Readers! Save The Bronx in ‘2009 ! ***icle*** “

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