Pier 5 BCEQ Pop Up Wetland Work approved by PARKS

May 14th, 2017 Posted in Define the Issues, Environmental Reviews, Lower Concourse North, Permits

This goes to the use of the park.  The Bronx Council for Environmental Quality applied for a grant and built this project.  We needed to get approval from Parks, the owner of the land.

Here are the permits, and below is the explanation of what we did.

Construction Permit:  X-9-13NF Tams

Research Permit:  Westphal_permit_2012 (1)

Pier 5 Pop Up Wetland and Plants –Cleans the Water that Runs off the Highway

This extraordinarily creative “best management practice” captures stormwater runoff from the elevated Major Deegan Expressway with a “pop-up wetland”. The wetland is filled with ordinary native plants which remove pollutants, allowing clean water to drain to the river.  Rain passes through a large pipe into a first flush basin, then to the wetland with overflow into the prairie meadow.

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  1. One Response to “Pier 5 BCEQ Pop Up Wetland Work approved by PARKS”

  2. By I.C. Levenberg-Engel on May 15, 2017

    Surely an NRG Park Permit is Proof of a Park.
    Kind’a like a Birth Certificate Proves Citizenship.
    City of New York Parks & Recreation Natural Resources Group
    Permit to Conduct Research in Parks
    The following individuals are authorized to conduct scientific research at the location(s) and dates listed below:
    Personnel: Dart Westphal, Karen Argenti,
    Locations: Harlem River Waterfront from just North of the 149th Street bridge South to Mill Pond Park in The Bronx.

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