Connections for the Harlem River Greenway

September 4th, 2023 Posted in Front Page News, Green Infrastructure, Harlem River Working Group, In the News, Maps, Resiliency and Sustainability, Tibbetts Brook Daylighting


Working toward an Harlem River Greenway one misconnection at a time.

West 230th to West 225th Street along the old Putnam Rail sold to MTA in around 1986. UPDATED

September 7th Walking Tour – Before and After Photos


This google map has the walking tour in it and photos of what people saw on the tour. 

Be sure to click on the dots and stars along the path to see the photo and read all about it.

Map and details here

Background on our latest FACT SHEET

What’s Up with the land south of 225th Street along Target?

Click here for the file:

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