Appendix files from the SNAD DEIS

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A. SNAD Institutions – this is only presented as identifying a missing item in the DEIS. It may not be complete.

A. SNAD Community Facilities

B. SAMPLE Comparison of Zoning Amendments deleted and added and how it should be presented. This does not reflect all the changes; it is presented to identify a missing item in the DEIS.

B. Sample Comparison of Zoning Amendments

C. Technical Memorandum, July 30, 2019 page 45

C. Technical Memo July 30, 2019

D. Final Scope of Work DEIS, page 26

D. Final Scope of Work SNAD

E. “ROOFTOPS TO RIVERS: Green Strategies for Controlling Stormwater and Combined Sewer Overflows,” Project Design and Direction – Nancy Stoner, Natural Resources Defense Council; Authors: Christopher Kloss, Low Impact Development Center; Crystal Calarusse, University of Maryland School of Public Policy;  Natural Resources Defense Council, June 2006


F. “Impervious Surfaces in the New York City Watershed,” Marc A. Yaggi, Fordham Environmental Law Review, Volume 12, Number 3 2000 Article 12

Impervious Surfaces in the NYC Watershed, Marc Yaggi 2000

G. “Can We Drink the Water We Live With?”, by Paul S. Mankiewicz, Whole Earth Summer 1998

Can We Drink the Water We Live With Mankiewicz 1998

H. “Using Green Infrastructure to Protect Water Quality in Stormwater, CSO, Nonpoint Source and other Water Programs,” from: Benjamin H. Grumbles, Assistant Administrator to EPA Regional Administrators, USEPA, MAR 5 2007, OFFICE OF WATER, MEMORANDUM

EPA Stormwater,CSO,NonpointSourceandOtherWaterPrograms03-05-07

I.  CHAPTER 4: “MANAGEMENT MEASURES FOR URBAN AREAS,” pp 6-7 EPA-840-B-92-002 January 1993


J. Permeable Pavement Fact Sheet – Information for Howard County, Maryland Homeowners, University of Maryland Extension, Master Gardeners. 2011

PermeablePavingHowardCountyMasterGardeners10_5_11 Final

J2. Permeable Pavement Fact Sheet – Information for Howard County, Maryland Homeowners, excerpted … Depending on design …

Depending on design

K.  “The ‘Hidden Urbanization:” Trends of Impervious Surface in Low-Density Housing Developments and Resulting Impacts on the Water Balance,” Michael W. Strohbach1*, Anneke O. Döring2, Malte Möck3, Maycon Sedrez 4, Olaf Mumm4, Anne-Kathrin Schneider 1, Stephan Weber 5 and Boris Schröder; Frontiers in Environmental Sciences, March 2019 | Volume 7 | Article 29

Hidden Urbanization Impervious fenvs-07-00029

L. CPC Comments to BCEQ

CPC response to BCEQ comments 090519

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